3 character traits to look for in a funeral director


Soon after losing a loved one, the emotional weight can be overwhelming. Not only will you need to grieve the loss, but you'll also be faced with numerous funeral plans that need attention as soon as possible. A funeral director is the professional you need by your side to help streamline the entire process. Funeral directors are trained to work with grieving families when planning for a loved one's final journey.

25 October 2019

How to Plan a Memorial


A memorial service is one of the best ways to honour a deceased loved one. The service gives friends and family an opportunity to mourn the deceased and remember the good times they shared.  In the extract below, you will learn how to plan and execute a memorial service for your loved one.  Invitations Send invites to close friends and family. If the deceased was a public figure, invite members of the public to the memorial service through the obituary.

29 July 2019

Live at a Funeral: When Your Deceased Loved One Wants Live Music at Their Service


When a loved one passes away, it can sometimes feel like honouring their final wishes requires a fair amount of guesswork. Unless they have left an intricately detailed list about each and every aspect of their funeral service, the disposal of their estate and any memorials, some matters might require an educated guess. Knowing the person, you will need to consider whether this is what they would have wanted, whether it's choosing a charity to donate their possessions to or selecting a floral arrangement for their funeral.

25 February 2019