How to care for a gravestone


A cemetery monument is a lasting symbol of the impact a deceased person had on their family and community; naturally, families want these representations of their loved ones' legacies to last for generations. Keeping a new cemetery monument in top condition requires a little regular maintenance, while restoring an older monument can take a little more effort. 

Know Your Stone

Before you start cleaning, be aware of the monument's material and condition. Vigorously cleaning a flaking or cracked monument may do more harm than good, so be on the lookout for signs of damage. If it's a stone monument, be sure you know what kind of stone it is -- different surfaces can call for different techniques. Special cleaning solutions exist for some types of stone; acid-based cleaners work well on granite but will be much too harsh for sandstone, for instance. 

Assemble Your Materials

Most monument care requires only a soft-bristled brush and plenty of water. Avoid wire brushes, which can damage stone, and never use a pressure washer. Similarly, some chemical cleaners can react with the mineral content of a headstone. For example, household bleach will permanently change the colour of a marble stone and expose it to further damage. However, a dilute ammonia solution -- about one part ammonia to four parts water -- can be useful for dealing with lichen. Always wear proper eye protection when working with ammonia. If the monument is badly soiled, try a non-ionic detergent, heavily diluted with water; a single capful in a bucket of water should do the trick. A plastic scraper can be handy for removing built-up deposits. 

Be Patient

With limited tools, cleaning an older headstone can be a time-consuming process. Start at the bottom, gently rinsing and scrubbing each part of the stone and working your way up. Pay special attention to carved detail; dirt can build up in these areas, obscuring the headstone's decoration. Scrub with a gentle circular motion but don't always use the same pattern; you want to avoid leaving streaks on the stone. Moisten areas of lichen before scrubbing them with the ammonia-and-water mixture and rinsing the area with water. Loosen built-up dirt or lichen with a flat-bladed plastic scraper. 

Don't Overdo It

Over time, stone cemetery monuments will weather and change colour. It's both natural and unavoidable. Weathering and colour change won't harm a monument significantly; in fact, frequent cleaning is much more dangerous. Cleaning a stone more than once a year is unnecessary, and some monuments will require much less frequent maintenance. 


7 December 2015

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