What are some alternatives to a traditional burial service?


After a loved one passes, the funeral arrangements are the next thing to be planned. If you don't think the deceased would have wanted a traditional burial and funeral, there are quite a few options available to you. Here are some different alternatives to traditional burials that you might want to consider.

Funeral Service at Alternative Locations

The first thing you should think about is that you can still have a funeral service prior to the burial service without being in a funeral home or church. Many places are willing to have you hold a funeral service in their establishment. This is not the same as a memorial service; it still includes speeches and eulogies, a viewing of the body if you choose an open-casket ceremony, and visitation if you choose to add that service. Check venues like local art galleries, a park or beach, restaurant, or even a local bar if there is one nearby where the deceased knew the owners and customers. Think outside the box when choosing a good place for the funeral service.

Cremation and Memorial Service

If you are not having your loved one buried but instead cremating them, you can also go outside of the traditional funeral arrangement by instead having a memorial service. This is more casual and often more intimate. It can allow you to get through the process faster and by spending a little less money. Keep in mind you can still have the memorial service in a local funeral home, or choose your own home or any other local venue. It is a good option when you want to provide food and drinks in addition to having everyone share their memories of the deceased.

Keep the Body in a Mausoleum

Something that is a little out of the ordinary is to have your loved one placed in a mausoleum. As for the funeral service, you can choose any services that are given during traditional burials, from a full funeral service with a wake, to a simple memorial service. However, you will not have a burial service since the body is not going in the ground. Instead, you are going to purchase a plot in a mausoleum. This keeps the body indoors, where it doesn't decompose underground. Mausoleums are sometimes called crypts, and have bodies placed in the walls of the building. The body remains in a sealed coffin just like a traditional burial, so it is not a good option if you are having your loved one cremated.

Bury the Body at Sea

Did your loved one adore the ocean? If so, they might be a good candidate for a seal burial. This is a little more difficult to do as you can't just drop their body anywhere. Contact the local coast guard to find out where exactly the body can be buried. They usually have rules about how far from land the body must be and how deep it needs to be buried. The coffin will need to be weighted so it remains at the bottom of the ocean without floating up.


30 March 2016

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