5 Ways to Honour Departed Loved Ones


Losing a loved one is a painful experience; unfortunately, it is something we will all have to deal with at some point in our lives. Honouring the memory of a departed loved one can make you feel closer to them and can be fulfilling. The following are ways to keep the memory of a loved one alive.

1.    Holding memorial services

This could be a periodic event where you invite family and friends to pray and celebrate the life they had. These events are a great way of sharing important memories of the person and to keep their presence in the hearts of those who were close to them.

2.    Engage in some activities that were a favourite to the loved one.

Take up a hobby of the loved one and learn why they loved it. Watch some of their favourite movies alone or with friends or listen to their favourite songs even if you weren't interested in that particular genre before.

3.    Write a letter

In the letter, pour out all your thoughts about the situation. This is a great chance to say anything that you didn't get to air out when you were with that person. Keep the letter in a safe place where you can easily access when you need to look back on the memories of the loved one.

4.    Tend to their graveyards

Cemetery restoration is important if the loved one departed a long time ago. Contract a reputable professional because not all service providers can do a good job. Constantly bring fresh flowers to their graveyards to make it look appealing and ensure that the graveyard is kept clean. Some people even organize picnics in graveyards as a way of reconnecting with their departed ones.

5.    Release lanterns, balloons or light a candle

Releasing balloons or lanterns to the sky is symbolic for letting go of the pain and embracing the life of the departed person. This can be done in a ceremonial event with friends and family, and each person could write on the balloon what they loved most about the person before releasing it. If you are the religious type, you could light a candle at a chapel or in your house to honour their memory. Use a flameless candle to show that their memory lives on forever.

Grief should not take away our happiness.  Keep the memories of your departed one close at heart and cherish the time you spent with them. From time to time, honour them with acts that best suit their personality.


10 November 2017

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