Seal Your Loved One's Memories with Laser Etching


There are many ways of engraving a headstone/tombstone with the memory of your loved one. However, few are as durable and effective as laser etching. If you're using granite as the headstone material, laser etching is effective at engraving a unique message, image, or design. You can truly reflect the life and memory of your loved on via laser etching on granite.

What Is Laser Etching?

Laser etching is a method that uses laser technology to engrave stone on its inner surface. Rather than carving out a message on top layers of the stone, laser beams are projected onto the inner stone material. This technique makes laser etching capable of achieving unique designs and images. And because the engraving is not done on the surface of the stone, the slab is more durable and resistant to common wear and tear.

What Are Your Application Options?

Laser etching is used on many different types of stone. From marble to tiles and slate, laser beams can etch unique and attractive messages. However, the technique works best on granite. The fine particles of granite make laser etching even more accurate. In addition, the dark and polished surface creates a clean contrast between etching and the actual stone. That is why this technique is commonly used in artistic decorations, gift items, and interior design.

Laser etching on your loved one's granite headstone makes the message appear clean, unique, and attractive. When you add a sealant on the granite surface, the message on the headstone remains sharp and undisturbed for many years to come. In fact, etching will only wear out when the actual stone begins to disintegrate. If the stone is kept in good condition via frequent sealing and polishing, your message will last even longer.

Why Should You Use Laser Etching for Headstones?

Laser etching is one of the best options for engraving headstones. You can etch both images and text of your loved one on the actual stone. With a well sealed and polished surface, you don't have to worry about moisture, dirt and debris covering up the message on the headstone.

Granite is also one of the best materials to use for laser etching. You can display a wide variety of designs and messages that will truly keep the memories of your loved one alive. Furthermore, laser etching is quicker to carry out (than other engraving techniques) because all you need is the message, a laser beam, and the actual headstone.

If you are planning a funeral, you might have other questions beyond planning the headstone. Contact local funeral homes to ensure you've thought of everything.


24 September 2018

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