A Beginner's Guide to Headstone Designs


Headstones have long been a way for loved ones to honour the recently departed and to add a permanent fixture here in the world for them to be memorialised for all time. Below are 7 types of headstones to consider purchasing in the unfortunate event of a death of a loved one.

Flat Headstones

Flat headstones are the most cost-friendly option as they require the least amount of material and take up the least amount of space. However, that does not mean a flat headstone can't look stunning. They are usually flat on the ground but can also be slanted upwards slightly, making it easier to read the epitaph that has been engraved.

Upright Headstones

Upright headstones are the most common type of headstone found in the west. They are categorised by their upright slab structure, typically around 60x60 centimetres but can be purchased in a variety of different shapes and sizes. Upright headstones are usually made with granite but can be purchased in more lavish materials such as white marble, various types of limestone or even bronze.


Obelisks mirror the same structure of the obelisk found in Rome or Washington DC—that being a square base atop a much taller but less-wide structure. Obelisks are not a common choice outside of America, but that does not exclude them from other countries, and they can potentially provide a unique and striking look for your loved one's tombstone.


Gothic tombstones are like upright tombstones but with the distinction of having a pointed top or arch. Gothic tombstones are typically engraved with intricated embellishments and decorations in the traditional gothic style. They generally are more expensive than standard upright tombstones.

Kerbed Headstones

A kerbed headstone is a headstone design that has an upright headstone at the front but features a full-length flat surface. Kerbed headstones are great if you really want to take advantage of all the space available to you, as the full length allows loved ones to place beautiful decorations or offerings for their deceased.

Cross or Crucifix Headstones

Often the choice for the pious, a cross headstone is like an upright headstone, only that instead of a rounded slab, the design is a Christian cross. Cross headstones can be made in whatever style of cross you want to it be— such as a simple cross or a more intricate Celtic cross.

Cremation Memorials

If your loved one will or has been cremated, that doesn't exclude you from giving them a designated spot in a cemetery. Cremation memorials work much in the same way an upright memorial does but leaves an enclosed space to the side where loved ones can keep the urn of the recently deceased.


22 May 2020

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