Four Tips For Finding A Funeral Home


When a loved one passes away, you are left with the obligation of planning the funeral and graveside monument. This can be an overwhelming process. Here are some tips to help you find the best funeral home at the last minute.

Call Around

While there are funeral homes that advertise online, some businesses do not openly publish their prices and full descriptions of their services online. So, you are better off calling a few funeral homes in the area, rather than shopping solely online. When you call and talk to an actual person, you get a more personalized experience. You can have any questions answered promptly and completely without waiting, as you would if you were to send an email to a funeral home. When you have a funeral to plan, time is of the essence.

Figure Out What Services You Want Before Searching

Before you begin actively searching for the right funeral home, figure out exactly what services you want and need the funeral home to perform. For example, do you need a viewing or graveside service? Do you already have a casket, or do you need the funeral home to supply one? Do you want a specific stone for the cemetery monument? If you know what you want in advance, then you can concentrate your search on funeral homes that specifically offer those services.

Ask Friends

Online reviews are certainly helpful, but when you're in a hurry to choose a funeral home, you can't always afford to spend time wading through fifty reviews to deduce the nuances of the experience at each funeral home. So instead of largely relying on reviews, ask friends and family members what funeral homes they have used in the past. Take into account their experiences as you choose a place for your loved one to be laid to rest.

Don't Be Afraid To Ask About Prices

If you know your loved one wanted a granite cemetery monument, then ask the funeral home if they are a supplier and about the prices. Funeral homes are usually more than happy to tell you their prices, but you do have to ask. If you like a particular stone or monument, but the funeral home's prices are too much for you, ask if they offer a scaled-down version at a more affordable price. They may be able to help.

To learn more, contact a funeral home with a granite cemetery monument supplier


1 April 2021

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