Here's Why You Can Take Some Time to Choose the Best Headstone for a Loved One


There are a disconcerting number of decisions that must be made when a loved one passes away. You will need to make the necessary preparations for the funeral (which involves a great number of choices in itself), followed by your loved one's burial or cremation. Making a decision about the best headstone doesn't need to happen at this time and it can take some time to choose an appropriate memorial, along with choosing the wording to be contained on the memorial.

These decisions can't be delayed indefinitely, but you do have some time to think about the best headstone for your loved one and there's a very practical reason for this.

Time to settle

When someone is laid to rest, it's almost as though the earth needs some time to accommodate them. The soil that was disturbed as part of the excavation and burial process must be allowed to settle. This settling process re-solidifies the earth, giving it the necessary density to securely support the weight of the coffin without sinking.

Sinking coffins

If a coffin sinks, the ground above it can do the same. This is not only distressing for the family but can also conceivably become a safety issue for cemetery visitors. It's not practical to compact the earth after the coffin has been buried, as the application of weight can easily crush the coffin. This is why it's important to allow the grave ample time to settle.

The settling process

The settling process can take several months, and your loved one's grave may be topped up with additional soil during this time. There are several factors which can prolong the required settling time, such as the type of soil in the area, along with any adverse weather that might have struck during the settling process. The cemetery should be able to tell you how long it will take in your loved one's specific case.

Time to add the headstone

Only once the settling process has concluded will it be wise to add a headstone. To do so any earlier runs the risk of headstones similarly sinking, or tilting. If this was to happen, the headstone must be excavated, re-anchored and reinstalled.

This is precisely why you have time (several months, if not longer)  to explore your options in terms of choosing the best headstone for your loved one, after carefully discussing the issue with other family members. It's not as though the headstone must be added as soon as the cemetery has determined that the grave has settled either.   

There's no mandatory schedule for the addition of a headstone to a grave, and because the settling process is necessary to preserve the integrity of the grave, you can certainly take as much time as you need to choose the best headstone to commemorate your loved one in Murray Bridge.


31 August 2021

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