Two situations in which cremation could be the right choice for you


Here are two situations in which arranging to be cremated when you pass could be the right decision for you.

You don't want people to make a big fuss over your passing

If you're the type of person who dislikes being the centre of attention and finds it stressful when, for example, loved ones throw you surprise parties or do anything to make you stand out, then cremation might be a more appropriate means of handling your remains than a burial.

The reason for this is that cremations tend to be more low-key than funerals that involve burials; whilst the funeral home that handles the cremation can help to organise a service at the crematorium if requested, these services are rarely as large or lavish as funerals with burials, and they don't involve lots of guests travelling to a cemetery. Furthermore, because the casket used will be cremated with the remains, and the cremated remains will not usually be placed on a grave plot, it is less common for guests to give lots of big, ornate funeral wreaths.

In short, cremations are often chosen by people who want an understated funeral that doesn't involve things like lengthy eulogies, lots of travel, a choir performance or the many other things that make funerals involving burials long and complicated to arrange. As such, if you've never been one to seek out attention or praise, then it would make sense to organise a quiet and peaceful cremation, that would be reflective of the way in which you have lived your life.

You'd prefer to spend the money that would be spent on a standard burial on other things

In most cases, funerals where the deceased persons are buried cost much more than ones where they are cremated. This is because the cremation of a person's remains eliminates much of the transportation costs (as the funeral home staff do not need to use a hearse to transfer the remains in the casket to the cemetery) as well as the embalming of the body and the funeral wreaths.

This is worth noting if you don't have your heart set on a big funeral, and would like to put the money that you would spend on a burial towards something else. For example, opting for an affordable cremation might enable you to leave your family members a larger inheritance when you pass away or could allow you to use these savings for some other important expense whilst you're still alive.

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29 March 2022

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