Helpful Tips for Attending Your First Asian Funeral


If you have recently been invited to a traditional Asian funeral, you might be planning on going and showing respect for the person who has passed away. However, you might be a little bit nervous about going to the funeral since you might have never been to an Asian funeral and might not really know what to expect. It's normal to be a bit nervous, but these tips might help you feel a bit more comfortable and prepared. Then you can focus on respecting the deceased and mourning while you're at the funeral.

Contact the Funeral Home Ahead of Time

Once you find out where the funeral home is, you might want to contact them ahead of time by phone, email or even on social media. This will give you the chance to make sure that you know where the funeral home is, and it will give you a chance to ask questions if you have them. Someone from the funeral home should be more than happy to help you.

Follow the Guidance of Others

When you're at the funeral, you should be given some instructions about what you are supposed to do and say during the funeral. After all, the funeral directors who are hosting the funeral will probably understand that some of the people who are in attendance aren't familiar with Asian funerals and the customs that go along with them. Many of these funeral directors work hard to help everyone feel comfortable while also making sure that the preferred customs are respected, and you'll probably find them to be helpful. Additionally, you can always pay attention to what the family members and other attendees are doing during the funeral. This should give you a little bit of guidance about what is expected.

Be Careful When Sending Flowers

You might be interested in sending flowers to the funeral since you might want to show respect for the deceased and show the family that you care. However, you should be careful about the flowers that you send. It will probably be best to contact a florist who is familiar with Asian funerals so they can help with choosing the right type and colour of flowers for the funeral.

Be Prepared to Bring Money

You certainly are not required to do so, but the tradition at many Asian funerals is for attendees to bring cash in an envelope. You will want to be prepared to do this, so you might want to find an envelope around the house and stop at the ATM before you go to the funeral.

For more information about Asain funerals, contact a local service.


27 July 2022

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