Seal Your Loved One's Memories with Laser Etching


There are many ways of engraving a headstone/tombstone with the memory of your loved one. However, few are as durable and effective as laser etching. If you're using granite as the headstone material, laser etching is effective at engraving a unique message, image, or design. You can truly reflect the life and memory of your loved on via laser etching on granite. What Is Laser Etching? Laser etching is a method that uses laser technology to engrave stone on its inner surface.

24 September 2018

Planning a Non-Traditional Funeral to Celebrate a Life


Being involved in arranging a funeral is probably one of the most serious things you'll ever do. It's understandably a sad, solemn occasion, and the traditions surrounding funeral services reflect that. In some cases, however, elements of traditional funerals just don't feel quite right. Perhaps the person who has passed away was a lively character who always brightened up the room, or perhaps they'd expressed how much they disliked the normal tone of a funeral.

2 April 2018

5 Ways to Honour Departed Loved Ones


Losing a loved one is a painful experience; unfortunately, it is something we will all have to deal with at some point in our lives. Honouring the memory of a departed loved one can make you feel closer to them and can be fulfilling. The following are ways to keep the memory of a loved one alive. 1.    Holding memorial services This could be a periodic event where you invite family and friends to pray and celebrate the life they had.

10 November 2017

What are some alternatives to a traditional burial service?


After a loved one passes, the funeral arrangements are the next thing to be planned. If you don't think the deceased would have wanted a traditional burial and funeral, there are quite a few options available to you. Here are some different alternatives to traditional burials that you might want to consider. Funeral Service at Alternative Locations The first thing you should think about is that you can still have a funeral service prior to the burial service without being in a funeral home or church.

30 March 2016

How to care for a gravestone


A cemetery monument is a lasting symbol of the impact a deceased person had on their family and community; naturally, families want these representations of their loved ones' legacies to last for generations. Keeping a new cemetery monument in top condition requires a little regular maintenance, while restoring an older monument can take a little more effort.  Know Your Stone Before you start cleaning, be aware of the monument's material and condition.

7 December 2015

4 Unique and Memorable Funeral and Memorial Service Ideas


If you're preplanning your own funeral or are arranging services for a friend or family member, you might be thinking of foregoing the usual church or religious service or graveside memorial. A funeral should be appropriate for the deceased but should also allow surviving friends and relatives a way to grieve and honor them. Note a few suggestions for unique and memorable funeral and memorial services. 1. Slideshows or home movies

23 October 2015

Understanding the Embalming Process


When a loved one passes on, mourning family members and associates often grapple with myriad decisions in regards to the funeral. One of the important decisions is whether the body of the deceased should be embalmed or not. Here's what embalming is and what its associated benefits are. Defining embalming This is a multi-step physically invasive procedure, in which particular devices are inserted and bodily fluids are eliminated and replaced with embalming fluids that serve to temporarily delay the body's decomposition.

8 October 2015