Understanding the Embalming Process


When a loved one passes on, mourning family members and associates often grapple with myriad decisions in regards to the funeral. One of the important decisions is whether the body of the deceased should be embalmed or not. Here's what embalming is and what its associated benefits are. Defining embalming This is a multi-step physically invasive procedure, in which particular devices are inserted and bodily fluids are eliminated and replaced with embalming fluids that serve to temporarily delay the body's decomposition.

8 October 2015

Challenges Of A Funeral Director: How To Overcome Compassion Fatigue


The work of a funeral director is one of the most challenging if not the most challenging. Not so many people would welcome the opportunity of handling dead bodies every day. In addition, there is a fatigue known as compassion fatigue, and a psychological burden called stress that you have to bear. However, if becoming a funeral director, like those at Tony Hollands Funerals, is your dream job, you do not have to be worried by compassion fatigue because it has a solution.

28 September 2015